Better ROI.

The intellectual capital, physical infrastructure and government support to foster superior returns on your investment.


Toronto’s talent pool is a powerful combination of quality and efficiency. Nearly two-thirds of workers in the region have post-secondary education and the costs of hiring remain below major US clusters.


Combined, Canada & Ontario have one of the most generous R&D tax incentive programs, reducing after tax costs of research up to 60%, and contributing a close to 30% R&D cost advantage relative to US centres.


The region’s growing number of facilities, laboratories and innovation centers already house hundreds of companies, with room to grow into manufacturing plants and room to build in areas not far from the downtown core.



Enrolled in life science or health care degree programs.



In Toronto region’s life science
sector in 2016.


Lower Rent p. s. f.

As compared to Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego.


Toronto’s GDP

A major economic contributor and consumer

League Scaling to Deliver Innovation Health Benefits

In a round led by Telus Ventures, Toronto-based League raised $62M to open offices in San Francisco, New York, and London. Boasting a platform including chat-based access to nurses, a digital wallet that can be customized to each employer’s needs, and behaviour-based health rewards, League is offering the future of health benefits.

Bluerock Raises One of the Largest Series A in Biotech History

Toronto-based stem cell therapy company Bluerock attracted $225M USD in initial financing from Ipharma giant Bayer AG and venture capital firm Versant Ventures. The investment will be a magnet for Canada’s biotech sector and leverages Toronto’s strength in the research, manufacture, and commercialization of breakthrough regenerative medicine therapy.

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