Better research.

World-class practitioners and a diverse patient pool that give your enterprise the edge it deserves.


From the discovery of dopamine receptors and early onset Alzheimer’s to game changing mental health research and neurosurgical excellence, we are redefining the boundaries to achieve better brain health.


Clinician scientists at teaching hospitals set international standards for complex, innovative cancer therapies and provide better care for hundreds of thousands while creating a deep pool of intellectual capital.

Cardiology + Diabetes

Toronto, the center that discovered insulin and the pacemaker is home to world-class research institutes at the heart of both acute cardiac care and diabetes prevention in all our diverse populations.


Patents and Publications

The University of Toronto is second only to Harvard University in total research publications.



Combined with a harmonized ethics approval, Toronto accelerates your clinical trial start up times.



Operate out of the Toronto Region’s 37 research institutes, and 9 teaching hospitals.

The Future of Neurotech

Winterlight Labs uses artifical intelligence to monitor speech patterns in order to diagnosis dementia and alzheimers. They are just one example of the many startups in Toronto that blend technology and health for tomorrow’s innovations.

Top Global Destination for Oncology Clinical Trials

Home to Princess Margaret’s Cancer Centre, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and the clinician cooperative Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network, Toronto enables partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders from across various oncology disciplines to start trials faster, and deliver the highest quality results.

Long History of Innovation in Cardiac Surgery

Innovation in cardiac and vascular diagnosis, treatment and research at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre has yielded an illustrious history of discoveries and many World Firsts including the first clinical trial of heparin, the adoption of hypothermia for open heart surgery, and the innovation of the first pacemaker.

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