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If you’re a health and life sciences enterprise looking to make a positive impact on the health of your business, your people and the world, Toronto is a thriving metropolis that invests over 1 billion dollars in clinical research every year!

Here is what better looks like

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We’ve curated a calendar of health science events in the Toronto Region to make it easier for for you to discover local stakeholders and meet your next opportunity.


The Toronto Health Hub is a curated collection of crowdsourced news, opinions and stories about the latest success stories, innovation and partnerships here in the Toronto Region.

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Cluster Connect is your window into the Toronto Region Health Cluster.  This portal allows you search, browse and find organizations and individuals in the Toronto Region to do business with.  Cluster Connect combines Biotechgate, a searchable database companies use, with a host of APIs, including LinkedIn, to provide a rich user experience and connect you to your next business deal in the Toronto Region.

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